TWO men have been jailed after a daylight brawl in a street in Druids Heath.

Stewart Aston and Kaylum Magee were involved in a fight which featured a knife and a hammer in Pound Road in April this year.

Aston and Magee had been in a shop when Magee got into an argument with the shopkeeper. Following this, the pair left the shop and began fighting.

Magee left the scene but returned a short time later brandishing a knife, again getting into a fight with Aston, who had armed himself with a hammer.

Aston was stabbed in the arm by Magee, who was himself hit a number of times by Aston.

Both men left the scene, but Magee was found by officers in the vicinity with blood on his clothes and arrested.

Officers investigating viewed CCTV from the scene and saw Magee stabbing Aston, before himself being hit with the hammer and being punched several times.

Aston claimed he had challenged Magee in the shop over his behaviour and had been "offered outside".

He claimed when Magee pulled out his knife, he armed himself with a workman's hammer.

Magee, aged 25 and Aston, aged 39, have now been sentenced for threatening a person with a blade and threatening a person with an offensive weapon respectively.

Magee was jailed for 21 months while Aston was jailed for 23 weeks at Birmingham Crown Court after pleading guilty.