Police have issued a warning after a spate of car key burglaries across Bromsgrove. 

The latest incident was reported on Finstall Road with West Mercia Police now wanting to reassure the community that they are doing everything they can to trace those responsible. 

Car key burglary is a crime where an individual breaks into a home with the aim of removing car keys and stealing a car from the property. 

Th perpetrators often 'work to order' and will target vehicles based on demand and value. 

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "If a criminal is targeting a certain vehicle, they will also be targeting the owner and looking for easy ways to exploit their security and get to their keys.

"The most common methods used by thieves are to follow the victim home or 'cruise' around residential areas looking for opportunities. 

"If you think you are being followed or see any suspicious vehicles, take the registration number and report it to the police." 

Officers have also issued a number of top tips to reduce the chances of falling victim to this crime. 

Some of the best advice includes keeping keys somewhere safe and out of sight, locking cars in a garage if they have one, fit a high quality alarm to the car and never leaving keys in the car when unattended.