Macmillan research has revealed the difficulties facing those with cancer in Worcestershire amid the cost-of-living crisis.

New data from the cancer support charity indicates that many individuals diagnosed with cancer on a low income are struggling to meet their basic living expenses.

These unanticipated financial burdens can include things like hospital travel fees, increased utility costs, and potential income loss.

The rising costs are resulting in a sharp rise in people struggling to survive, with some being forced to make heart-wrenching decisions.

Some are having to compromise on basic cleanliness or hygiene necessities due to climbing costs, or choose between providing for their family and attending vital medical appointments.

There are fears these financial pressures could potentially affect overall health and threaten chances of survival for some cancer patients.

To combat this, Macmillan has initiated an Emergency Grants Appeal, with donations being utilised to help those living with the disease in the region.

Donations can be made to the cause via the Gift Guide on the Macmillan website.

For those grappling with the fiscal implications of a cancer diagnosis, resources and support can also be found on the Macmillan webpage.