A Bromsgrove-based gym brand has won a coveted award for its ground-breaking work in the fitness industry. 

PADA, owned by mum and yoga teacher Hannah Burton, recently earned a Global Recognition Award just five months after entering the fiercely competitive fitness clothing market. 

The company has received global acclaim for its innovative products including knee-padded leggings after the founder, Ms Burton, was inspired by her struggle with knee pain during pregnancy, which hindered her beloved yoga routine. 

This struggle alongside her personal journey to overcome post-partum depression during the Covid-19 lockdown brought PADA to life. 

Bromsgrove Advertiser: The knee-padded leggings are a worldwide hit The knee-padded leggings are a worldwide hit (Image: PADA)

Director of PADA, Ms Burton, said: "It truly has been fantastic to achieve such a prestigious award so early on in PADA's life. 

"As a female-led start-up, our primary objective is to create clothing that empowers women to move with freedom." 

The PADA leggings, featuring a high-density PU foam insert, are crafted to offer comfort and support during yoga, Pilates and other workouts. 

Ms Burton said the unique design has resonated with fitness enthusiasts worldwide earning PADA a prominent place in the global fitness landscape with aims to rival Bromsgrove-born brand Gym Shark. 

They have attracted widespread attention with influencers from around the world showcasing their style in knee-padded leggings as well as the product attracting rave reviews. 

Bromsgrove Advertiser: The fitness wear has received rave reviews The fitness wear has received rave reviews (Image: PADA)

Ms Burton added: "Our customers have shared incredible stories of how PADA leggings have allowed them to return to yoga without the worry of awkward kneeling, try new classes like Pilates without fear of knee pain or resume running after experiencing injuries. 

"I'm so proud to have shared these wonderful leggings with women around the world." 

PADA leggings can be purchased at www.padatribe.com and includes a money-back guarantee. 

To find out more and keep up to date with the latest products follow PADA on Instagram @padatrible or Facebook @PADAkneepaddedleggings.