Pupils at a school in Bromsgrove had an "unforgettable" experience when they were visited by an award-winning artist. 

Mark Lippett, who is renowned for his contributions to the art world, generously shared his expertise with students in Years Six, Seven and Eight at Bromsgrove Prep School during a creative art workshop. 

The workshop aimed to provide the young artists with an immersive experience, exploring various techniques and practices that are integral to the art-making process. 

There was also a particular focus on the creation of landscapes which allowed students to experiment with different images, textures and tones. 

A spokesperson for Bromsgrove Prep School said: "This unforgettable experience was made possible through Bromsgrove schools dedication and encouragement towards diverse and enriching educational experiences. 

"The school would like to extend our gratitude towards Mark Lippett for his contributions to the art department and the experience of the students."