STAFF and parents at St John's School in Bromsgrove say they are appalled at plans to erect yet another three mobile phone masts nearby.

If the plans go ahead there will be a total of 19 masts on the top of the Perryfields telephone exchange in Hanover Street.

Headteacher Wendy Taylor has called on parents to object and together with chairman of the school's governors Rev Nigel Marns, will be protesting to the agents Ian Hewitt Associates.

Mrs Taylor said: "There is no conclusive evidence about the long term risk radio masts may have on health. That is why we as a school have decided not to install a wireless network - to be safe rather than sorry.

"Now we feel we are powerless to stop this proliferation of masts nearby."

In his letter to the school, Mr Hewitt said: "To improve its services in the area 02 UK Ltd has approached National Grid Wireless to upgrade its existing equipment at this site.

"The installation as currently proposed constitutes permitted development under the General Permitted Development Order 1995 and as such does not require a planning submission."

Press officer for O2 UK, Jim Stevenson said: "It is never a foregone conclusion.

"If people want to contact me with their views and alternative suggestions we would of course consider them."

Mr Stevenson can be contacted on 07850 732132.

Speaking for National Grid, Steve Arnold agreed. He said: "The pre-consultation is important and that's why we follow the correct procedures."

He said that if, after the consultation period, the firm decided to go ahead they would send a letter of notification to the local authority who would have another 28 days to respond.