HORSE owners across Worcestershire are protecting themselves against thieves by using SmartWater.

The property marking system is being distributed by Worcestershire HorseWatch - a dedicated network of horse owners who share information on any equine-related crime in the area and how to protect property or animals against it.

The permanent SmartWater liquid - more accurate than DNA and each bottle unique - will now be used by horse owners to mark their saddles, bridles and other equipment.

The police-backed scheme means HorseWatch members can now buy SmartWater through the group at a discounted rate and send a clear message to would-be thieves not to bother with targeting equine premises. HorseWatch chairman, Penny Grant, has five horses and has used SmartWater for around two years.

She said: "I have used SmartWater since its conception and am a firm believer in it. I have marked everything and would encourage others to do so now it's available through HorseWatch.

"It is a great investment that will protect property from opportunist thieves and I hope all horse owners purchase a kit."

PC John McLaren, SmartWater lead for South Worcestershire, added: "We are thrilled that a group like Horsewatch is getting behind the use of SmartWater and realising its many benefits.

"There are many horse owners and stables across Worcestershire and, although equine-related crime is relatively low in the county, we hope as many horse-owners as possible will buy a pack and keep it that way.

"It will mean if any of their property is stolen and recovered it can be traced directly back to them and simply using SmartWater can be enough to deter thieves altogether."

SmartWater packs are available to all HorseWatch members by emailing They cost £20 each plus p&p.

To find out more about HorseWatch and how to become a member call 07500475708 or visit To find out more about SmartWater visit or or call your local policing team on 08457 444888.