Here is a list of the planning applications that have either been accepted, rejected or withdrawn in Redditch and Bromsgrove this week. 

Crown reduction of 2.5 metres on T1, T2 and T3 due to large hole in trunk - 2 Herbert Austin Drive Marlbrook Worcestershire B60 1RA. Ref. No: TPO24/010. Status: Application Granted. 

Works to Sycamore Tree - 31 Glebe Fields Belbroughton Worcestershire DY9 9TA. Ref. No: TPO24/007. Status: Application Refused

T1 Mature Beech - Remove close to ground - 256 Stourbridge Road Catshill Worcestershire B61 9LQ. Ref. No: TPO24/004. Status: Application Refused

Rear kitchen extension - 44 Tanyard Lane Alvechurch Worcestershire B48 7LN. Ref. No: 24/00056/CPL. Status: C of L Proposed Use- Approval

Single-storey side extension to existing dwelling - 28 Dodford Road Bournheath Worcestershire B61 9JR. Ref. No: 24/00055/CPL. Status: C of L Proposed Use- Approval

Demolition of existing substandard rear kitchen and w.c and construction of new rear extension with disabled shower facility and new kitchen and sitting room extension to accommodate disabled person access and use - 99 Other Road Redditch Worcestershire B98 8DP. Ref. No: 24/00050/FUL. Status: Application Granted

First floor extension over the existing garage - 310 Stourbridge Road Catshill Worcestershire B61 9LH. Ref. No: 23/01402/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Demolition of existing two storey dwelling and detached garage - White Lodge 34 Bittell Road Barnt Green Worcestershire B45 8LY. Ref. No: 23/01399/DEM. Status: Prior Approval Not Required

Single-storey side/rear and first floor side extension and additional dropped kerb - 71 Worcester Road West Hagley Worcestershire DY9 0LF. Ref. No: 23/01386/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Lower holly to 4m due to failed chestnut causing damage to main union at bifurcated point. Remove Ash tree along eastern boundary with walled rose garden due to severe damage to wall - Clent Hall Walton Pool Lane Clent Worcestershire DY9 9PJ. Ref. No: TPO23/194. Status: Application Granted

Erection of five buildings for storage and distribution and associated hardstanding (retrospective)  - Oakland International Ltd Seafield Lane Beoley Redditch B98 9DB. Ref. No: 23/01346/FUL. Status: Application Refused

Replacement dormer on forward facing elevation - 1 Church Close Wythall Worcestershire B47 6JQ. Ref. No: 23/01299/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Development of a new community pavilion with associated public realm and a 4-storey mixed-use commercial building, containing office space and food and beverage facilities. Public realm improvements include outdoor public space and the un-culverting in part of Spadesbourne Brook - Land at St John Street Bromsgrove Worcestershire. Ref. No: 23/01121/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Addition of patios and balconies to apartments including retaining walls and fencing. Acoustic fencing to Northern boundary. Decorative fencing and gates to entrance. Cladding, re-roofing and re-painting of existing building - Highfield House Headless Cross Drive Redditch Worcestershire B97 5EQ. Ref. No: 23/01115/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Retrospective permission for a wall boundary treatment, and a revised dual-pitch roof layout as opposed to the hipped roof approved in a previously approved plan - 11 Station Road Blackwell Worcestershire B60 1QB. Ref. No: 23/01111/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Proposed replacement of 6 existing industrial units following fire - Land At South Moons Moat Padgets Lane Redditch Worcestershire. Ref. No: 23/01058/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Demolition of existing garage and construction of two No. houses - 6 Foley Gardens Stoke Prior Bromsgrove Worcestershire B60 4LD. Ref. No: 22/01023/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Change of use to a mixed use comprising a childminding business and residential dwelling and the stationing of a portacabin to be used in connection with the childminding business following the demolition of a detached garage (Retrospective) - Green Acre Packhorse Lane Hollywood Birmingham Worcestershire B47 5DG. Ref. No: 22/00816/FUL. Status: Application Granted