Here is a list of the planning applications that have either been accepted, rejected or withdrawn in Redditch and Bromsgrove this week. 

T1 sycamore tree - reduce and dead wood tree. T2 Sycamore - reduction all over and dead wood. T3 Maple - reduction and crown lift over pavement and road - 1 Shawhurst Lane Hollywood Worcestershire B47 5HL. Ref. No: TPO24/008. Status: Application Granted

Veteran oak trees -  dead wood removed - Ceva Logistics Unit 48C Pipers Road Redditch Worcestershire B98 0HU. Ref. No: TPO24/003. Status: Application Granted

Amendment to approved application ref: 22/00815/FUL to increase the first-floor extension to the side to be in line with the garage - 22 Carol Avenue Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 8RN. Ref. No: 24/00052/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Single-storey rear extensions - Woodclose Seafield Lane Portway Worcestershire B98 9DB. Ref. No: 24/00051/HHPRIO. Status: Prior Approval Not Required

Proposed demolition of existing single-storey extension, construction of a new single-storey and two-storey extension - 21 Caynham Close Redditch Worcestershire B98 0JF. Ref. No: 24/00024/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Ancillary equipment including containers, transformers and CCTV for 20MW Gas fuelled Reserve Generation Facility to replace existing operational diesel-powered Reserve Generation Facility (Approved under 20/01022/FUL) (Retrospective) - Land At Park Farm Industrial Estate Howard Road Redditch Worcestershire. Ref. No: 24/00005/FUL. Status: Application Granted

The insertion of new windows at first floor and balcony seating area. Moving the customer entrance door and formation of a secondary door for first floor access - 12 Mill Lane Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 8AG. Ref. No: 23/01383/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Alterations to the existing Shop Front entrance to move the existing customer entrances and form new access doors to the first-floor accommodation - 12 Mill Lane Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 8AG. Ref. No: 23/01384/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Remove the hedge and install a fence along our boundary wall - 7 Middlefield Lane Hagley Worcestershire DY9 0PY. Ref. No: TPO23/190. Status: Application Granted

Construction of a Class E outbuilding, construction of detached garage, 3m two-storey rear extension - Hillside Gravel Pit Lane Rowney Green Worcestershire B48 7QG. Ref. No: 23/01371/CPL. Status: Application Withdrawn 

Proposed single-storey side/rear extension - 8 Kings Meadow Holy Cross Worcestershire DY9 9QR. Ref. No: 23/01351/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Change of use of land to equestrian use and the erection of a single pony stable and tack room - The Paddock Grange Lane Alvechurch Worcestershire. Ref. No: 23/01320/FUL. Status: Application Refused

Replacement of conservatory with brick-built extension, alterations and conversion of the existing double garage into living accommodation and alterations to the boundary wall - Chimneys Lilley Green Road Alvechurch Worcestershire B48 7HA. Ref. No: 23/01313/FUL. Status: Application Granted

The widening and improvement of existing access to Radford Road, the creation of a new track, and the retention of an existing gravel hardstanding area to serve the established equestrian use and stables - Radford Farm Radford Road Alvechurch Worcestershire B48 7DX. Ref. No: 23/01212/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Proposed first-floor side extension - 65 Clent Road Rubery Worcestershire B45 9UY. Ref. No: 23/01153/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Demolition of a store and a garage and construction of a detached garage - Rosemary Cottage 26 St Catherines Road Blackwell Worcestershire B60 1BN. Ref. No: 23/01099/FUL. Status: Application Granted

Alteration to shopfront including installation of tiling and light fittings - 58 to 60 High Street Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 8EX. Ref. No: 24/00008/FUL. Status: Application Refused