A SCHOOL is celebrating a new bench that will encourage more friendships among the pupils.

Chawson First School on Wych Road has installed a recycled plastic bench in a bid to build friendships.

The bench, funded by Chawson PTA, will encourage friendships by allowing pupils to sit on it and start conversations.

It is now one of the many ways the school is trying to build relationships within the school after introducing Bonnie, the dog mentor.

Joanne Sanders, chair of Chawson First School PTA, said: "Assisting Chawson School in promoting friendship is Bonnie, the dog mentor, who attends the school daily and can be seen most mornings welcoming the children in the playground.

"The bench is just a part of the donations made to the school by the PTA as a result of the generosity of our Chawson families.

"We hope this will continue into the future."