A food event displaying the culinary cultures of foreign countries was hailed as the "perfect way" to end Refugee Week.

'Taste of Home' at Redditch Library saw around 75 people relish food, dance, and camaraderie.

Sue Yeng, an organiser from Bromsgrove & Redditch Welcome Refugees (BRWR), said: "It was beyond my expectations.

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"I'm so pleased that everybody came out and supported us.

"We feel united as a community with the refugees who’re living in Bromsgrove and Redditch.

“It was a good way to celebrate Refugee Week - the perfect ending - and to spread the word that this is life for refugees, and we need to help them.”

The event offered a feast of food from Ukraine, Syria, and Afghanistan brought by refugees, who mingled with volunteers and members of the public.

There were also dance performances by a group founded by Yana Tishyna, a Ukrainian refugee who lives in Redditch.

Ms Tishyna set up the troupe, named 'Mriya', which means 'dream'.

Borscht was also served by fellow refugees.

She explained: "We like and love and don't want forgot our culture, so we just share our culture to show how it’s beautiful, rich and tasty."

She said the event showcased how refugees can integrate into British communities.

She added: “I think that all people must live together in peace and be polite to each other.

"It's really important especially in our time - so many wars, so many dangers - so we need to help each other and share our cultures and share our kindness."