Are you going on holiday abroad this year? Travelling through an airport can take a bit of time, especially if there are queues at security or when you’re checking in.

Airports across the UK ask that passengers arrive with a bit of time before their flight to help make their journey smoother, including Birmingham Airport.

If you’re travelling via Birmingham Airport this year, you might be wondering how much time you should spend at the airport before you’re flight – here’s what we know.

When should you arrive at Birmingham Airport before a flight?

In an online passenger guide, Birmingham Airport explained how early passengers should arrive before their scheduled departure time.

It encourages passengers to arrive at the airport “about two hours” before their flight leaves if it’s a short-haul one.

For long-haul flights, it recommends arriving at the airport “about four hours” before the departure time.

However, it encourages passengers to check specific timings with their airline.

The airport reminds everyone to double-check they have all their relevant documents for travelling before arriving at the airport.

It also stresses the importance of checking your flight details and ticket information.

Can I still travel with a red passport in 2024?

It might sound obvious but the airport explains that passengers have made some mistakes that have made their journeys less smooth.

The airport explained: “It sounds silly, but people have been known to turn up at the wrong airport, on a wrong day, with the wrong name on their ticket, or their partner’s passport instead of their own”.

Places to eat and drink at Birmingham Airport

Arriving before your flight often gives you time to indulge in a pre-flight pint or meal so if you’re wondering where you can eat and drink when waiting for your flight, look no further.

You can see all the restaurants via the Birmingham Airport website.

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Restaurants and bars at the airport include All Bar One, Wetherspoons and Bottega Prosecco Bar.

Burger King and Greggs are among the fast food restaurants available.

Those looking for a coffee shop can choose between the likes of Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Pret a Manger.