SUPPORTERS of Worcestershire RESPECT will be out on the streets of Dodford on St George’s Day collecting signatures for a people’s charter, which aims to create a “fairer Britain.”

The organisers of the modern day People’s Charter, based on the charter of the same name created in the 19th century, aim for a million signatures under the slogan ‘we need change, we need hope, we need a fairer Britain’ and hope to influence politicians to create more and better jobs, decent homes and improved services.

Mark Anthony France, secretary of Bromsgrove RESPECT, said: “Many of us are now losing hope and our family, friends and neighbours are paying a heavy price for an economic crisis we didn’t create.”

“This incompetence and corruption infects our own community here in Worcestershire – there is no need to give examples for they are many and well known.

“Frustrated by the failure of establishment politicians, some people are becoming attracted by the siren calls of racism and a misplaced nationalism.

“Fortunately, there is an alternative and a reason to hope. Let us all celebrate St George’s Day, let us slay the dragon, restore hope, banish hatred and welcome spring.”

More information about the charter, including how you can sign up and find out how to make donations, can be found by visiting