THE town's new MP Sajid Javid says he is “very proud” to have been chosen to represent Bromsgrove at Westminster.

Since the count and declaration early Friday morning, (May 7), Mr Javid said there had been “no time” to celebrate. Speaking on Monday, (May 10), Mr Javid said he was in London for an induction week, but was also attending a meeting of Tory MPs in which party leader, David Cameron, was informing them of the progress of coalition talks.

Asked about the national picture, Mr Javid said: “We did not go into the election hoping for a hung parliament, we worked for a Conservative majority.

“We need to respect the people’s verdict, and do the right thing for the country.”

Mr Javid said he was pleased with his campaign, which began in February after being chosen to succeed former MP Julie Kirkbride.

“We had a record number of candidates, including three independents,” he said.

“I think what made a difference were my public forums. They were an opportunity for me to introduce myself and after each one, I made a point of shaking everyone’s hand.”

Mr Javid said there were two big issues for Bromsgrove, fairer funding from central government and giving residents a greater say on planning issues.

On making history, in becoming the Conservative Party’s first Muslim MP, Mr Javid said: “What I am proud of is that a British born, son of an immigrant bus driver can go onto become an MP.”

When asked on his ambitions, including the possibility of taking a cabinet position, he said that if, in a few years, he was able to “serve his country” he would consider it.

“But Bromsgrove is the priority - I want to be secretary of state for Bromsgrove.

“I want to serve all my constituents, whether or not they voted for me.”

Mr Javid added his first day was like “going back to school” and joked that, after discovering there was a barber for MPs, he didn’t think it was a service he would be needing.