A RENEWABLE solar energy project, saving money and lowering the carbon footprint, is to be taken up by Bromsgrove District Council.

Solar panels are to be added to the roof of the district council’s depot in Aston Road, Aston Fields, which houses waste and recycling operations for the Bromsgrove district.

The scheme was approved by the authority’s planning committee at its latest meeting, held on September 12.

A combination of lower daytime electricity bills, and a tariff paid per unit of electricity generated by a government scheme to encourage renewable energy, means the £68,000 capital investment should pay back in nine years.

After this, a further £165,000 of potential revenue could be brought into the district over a 25-year period.

Now that planning permission has been granted the scheme, originally approved by councillors at June’s full council meeting, can now proceed and works are expected to be completed by March 2012.

Councillor Kit Taylor, Bromsgrove District Council’s portfolio holder for climate change, said: “This capital investment in renewable energy is pure common sense.

“It brings down electricity bills, protects us from future increases in electricity prices and it’s environmentally friendly too.

“Then, after a few years, it will bring money into Bromsgrove that will support local services and benefit the whole community indirectly.”

Residents and town businesses considering taking up their own solar generation scheme, can contact the council for advice.

For more details call climate change manager Ceridwen John on 01527 64252, extension 3046, or email c.john@bromsgroveandredditch.gov.uk.