A COUPLE devoted to all things extraterrestrial have just published a new book in an on-going series about UFO encounters.

Dawn Holloway and John Hanson, from Alvechurch, have been hunting down information and witness accounts about strange things in the night sky for almost 20 years.

All the collected information makes up Haunted Skies, a day-by-day account of UFO activity in the UK.

Volume Three, covering 1966 to 1967, has just been published, but not all sightings go back to the 60s.

Only recently Mr Hanson, a retired West Midlands Police Officer, said a UFO was sighted over Bromsgrove town centre.

“I’m currently researching an incident that occurred at 8pm either on September 16 or September 9 when a number of people living in the Pennine Road area sighted an orange/dark red curved object hovering in the sky a few hundred feet above the town centre,” he said.

“From descriptions obtained it is highly unlikely this was a Chinese lantern or misidentification of a planet.

“I am satisfied that this was a genuine sighting of something highly unusual.”

Haunted Skies Volume Three is currently on sale at Amazom.com.

For more information or if anyone saw the UFO over Bromsgrove town centre, call 0212 4450340 or email johndawn1@sky.com.