NEW proposals could see Catshill residents running the local library, from the local middle school.

The idea, which would see people supported by library staff, is being proposed as part of the latest money saving scheme by Worcestershire County Council.

It is part of countywide review of libraries which seeks to save £1.8million – 28 per cent – from the service's current budget.

Catshill Library, described by the council as the most under-used in the county, has just more than 1,000 members, compared with the county average of 9,500 members per branch.

It has 295 visits per week compared with the weekly county average of 2,686 per library.

Councillor John Campion, the county council's cabinet member for localism and communities, said: “Catshill is the most under-used library in the county and in the context of the current financial situation we have to be clear with people that we simply can't do nothing and continue to run it as it is.

“However, we do recognise that to those who use it regularly it's a valued service, which is why we want to give them and other local people to chance to preserve it.

“The reality is that unless local people or groups get more involved, some services will stop so I would urge anyone in Catshill who is interested in helping maintain a local library service to come forward and let us know."

Catshill Middle School would house the library on its site and would include parking, as well as space for PCs, and adult learning and parent and baby sessions.

Kathy Kirk, strategic libraries and learning manager at the council, said: "We really want to help maintain a library service in Catshill which is why we want to open this opportunity out to residents to see what role they can play.”

A three month consultation on the proposal starts next week.

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