A BROMSGROVE district councillor says there could have been an accident after work to repair a large hole in a busy Sidemoor road was left for two months after June’s floods.

In the flash flooding of June 28, Broad Street was hit and a manhole cover came up, due to the volume of water.

The area, on the junction with King Edward Road, was sectioned off with plastic barriers to the middle of the road, meaning vehicles were only able to pass by on one side of the road.

Residents in the area hoped the barriers would be a temporary measure, so that repair work could be carried out, but two months later no one had been out.

Sidemoor councillor Chris Bloore said: “People asked me ‘what on Earth is going on?’

“I know a few people called the county council complaining.

“What is frustrating is there is a lack of knowledge, everytime you phone up.

“There was a danger of an accident.”

Fred Stanley says in the weeks after the barriers went up, he made numerous calls asking when work would be completed.

“If it was going to be left, they should have left a metal plate so both sides of the road could be used,” the Sidemoor resident said.

“It has been very bad service to Sidemoor people.”

The Advertiser contacted the council earlier this month, and repairs have now been finished and the area tarmaced over.

Jon Fraser, Worcestershire County Council's customer and community manager for highways, explained the delay had been due to getting permission from National Grid Gas.

He said: "The manhole, which requires maintenance work following damage because of recent flooding, was sectioned off with a barrier to make the area safe.

“There has been a delay in undertaking the works, as the council had to get permission from National Grid Gas to carry out the work, due to the close proximity of a medium pressure gas main."