A WORCESTERSHIRE financial specialist has shared his pensions and savings knowledge in a national question and answer session.

Paul Taylor, managing director of McCarthy Taylor Ltd, which has offices in Worcester and Evesham, was on a panel of just two set up by the Financial Times to answer questions on planning for the tax year end and on how the Budget would affect financial planning and investing.

Question topics included pensions, ISAs, Money Purchase Pensions and Capital Gains calculations.

Mr Taylor, a chartered financial planner, said: “It was an honour to be on the panel and be able to offer advice to people following the Budget and also relating to the tax year end.

“It can be very confusing trying to get your head around your finances, especially when changes are put in place that could affect your savings and pensions.

“As an independent firm it is very important to us that people get the correct information and in this way we can reach a wide audience and give our specialist opinions to help people get the most out of their money."