AN ambitious Halesowen digital start-up is attempting to take on the world’s tech giants with a new platform aimed at simplifying bookkeeping for small businesses.

Capewell Finance & HR has been developed by entrepreneur Raymond Liu, who is based in the town, who spotted an opportunity after experiencing his own challenges around keeping track of company processes.

Mr Liu hopes the finance platform will give the likes of QuickBooks a run for its money, enabling small businesses across the Midlands and beyond to record company income and expenditure at the tap of a screen or button, helping them to stay HMRC compliant.

Businesses using the platform will be able to create paper and e-invoices and email them to recipients, record purchases and expenses, such as mileage and hospitality, and make reimbursements and monitor petty cash expenditure.

The product also allows firms to manage employee records from appraisals through to holiday requests. For many small business users, the cost each month will amount to a little more than the price of a large latte.

After launching in Beta format, Mr Liu says Capewell Finance & HR could really help to put the Midlands on the map as a centre of tech innovation.

“Bookkeeping and HR processes are a vital and unavoidable part of running a business but they can sometimes get in the way of what many of us went into business to do: deliver great services and products for clients,” said Mr Liu.

“I searched high and low for a software solution that could help me to simplify bookkeeping and HR.

“I found that other platforms on the market are good but are often quite complex and perhaps not very intuitive.

“So, in the end I thought why not create my own solution. I did and it led me to think that this could potentially help a lot of other people.

“We’re already seeing lots of interest from small business owners, particularly self-employed tradespeople.”

For further information about Capewell Finance & HR, or to take part in a free trial of the new platform, visit

Mr Liu is also mindful of the historical significance of his office’s location. He said: “Our office is in Steelpark Road, which is an area rich in industrial heritage. So, it’s a privilege to be able to run a business here and hopefully make a contribution to a new era of world-beating innovation.”