AN ex-Kidderminster Harriers announcer who has been fighting coronavirus in hospital for two weeks says he is "keeping positive".

Roger Harris, also known as Captain Crazy, was admitted into the Medical High Care unit at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Tuesday (March 10) and is currently in isolation.

The 75-year-old Offmore resident previously said he was told by staff he was the first person in the hospital and the county to catch the virus.

Mr Harris told the Shuttle: “I have got no idea how I got the illness. It’s a complete mystery to me.

“You get to a stage where you just have to accept that you’ve got the virus. It’s hard to get rid of.”

He has described self-isolation as "feeling like prison" and says he is not allowed any visitors.

Mr Harris added: "It’s a slow process, but the staff have been good to me here.

“I still have a problem with my temperature and with coughing.

“I want to thank everyone who has been supportive on social media. I have got to keep positive."

The ex-DJ gave 25 years of his life to announcing at both Kidderminster Harriers and Worcester City before retiring in 2011 at the age of 66.

Better known as Captain Crazy on matchdays, his unmistakable style kept fans informed and entertained over the public address system season in, season out.