THE owner of four dachshund dogs stolen from a farm near Droitwich is appealing for their return.

The dogs were stolen from the farm at Hampton Lovett overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

A large quantity of horse tack and two wheelbarrows were also taken in the raid.

The dogs are described as a light-red bitch with no tail, and three years old; a chocolate dapple bitch aged four; an six-year-old black-and-tan bitch and a seven-year-old chocolate bitch. All are microchipped.

Alan Charlesworth of the farm said: "We are devastated by this and desperately want them home.

"It took place at about 1.30am on Wednesday and they turned some of the cameras around, but the person who installed them for us managed to get some good images off them that we have passed on to police.

"The older dogs are past the breeding age, so they are really household pets. It's not good, having them taken from us like this. Why would anyone steal our dogs?"

He said that the family had shared pictures and information on social media, and the messages had been re-shared many times by dog lovers.

He said: "It's gone all over the country and we hope that it will help us find them."

If you have information that may be connected to this incident, please contact the police on 101, quoting incident number 0059s/181017. The farm can also be contacted on 07737 154862.