AN animal rights group is calling on residents to avoid Circus Mondao, which opens in Bromsgrove on March 29, claiming its animals are poorly cared for.

Circus Mondao, which prides itself on being a ‘traditional family circus’, will be running in Upton Warren – its first ever visit to Bromsgrove – until April 2, bringing with it a host of acrobats, a clown, showgirls, jugglers and performing animals.

But Animal Defenders International (ADI) has condemned the circus for its ‘outdated practice’ in incorporating ‘wild animals’ in its performances, while also criticising its staff for a ‘lack of veterinary attention, substandard animal facilities and poor protection of the public’.

President of ADI Jan Creamer said: “Animal Defenders International has repeatedly documented the suffering and abuse of wild animals in circuses.

"Circuses simply cannot meet the needs of wild animals in small, mobile accommodation. The government has promised a ban, but we’re asking people to vote with their feet. Don’t go to a circus with animals.”

Charles Chipperfield Circus, which doesn't use animals, left Bromsgrove on Sunday, but Circus Mondao organisers said Bromsgrove’s Worcester Road was added to their tour route in response to ‘many people from the area asking for a traditional circus’.

Ringmistress Petra Jackson said: “Animal Defenders International is an animal rights group who are not interested in the welfare of animals – they want to stop all human contact with them, so they’re against riding horses and keeping pets.

“Circus Mondao is fully licensed and regulated by the government and we have very strict licensing rules. We have dressage horses, who are not trained any differently to other dressage horses in the country that are used in shows, but you don’t see people protesting outside those shows.

“Our animals also include Shetland ponies, llamas that are led around the circus ring, and pigeons. They all live happy and healthy lives and it is a shame that there is a very small minority of people who want to spoil it for other people who want to see a traditional circus.

“We’re doing absolutely nothing wrong but we’re consistently having to fight to prove to people that our animals are looked after. We are proud of our animals and we want to show them off.”

For more information on Circus Mondao’s performances in Bromsgrove, call 07722 791777 or visit