A PRIMARY school in Rubery has been forced to partially shut due to a boiler failure which has left some year groups “too cold” as their classrooms have no heating.

Colmers Farm Primary School, on Leybrook Road, has shut for Year 3 to 6 today (November 30) and will remain closed for Years 3 to 5 tomorrow due to a “complete boiler failure”.

The school said one boiler which heats the upper level for Years 3 to 6 broke four weeks ago due to a leak, although complications arose when fixing it due to it being in an asbestos area.

Executive headteacher Hazel Pulley said in a letter to parents: “Unfortunately the heating provision is presently inadequate and causing real concerns.

“The leak is within an area where asbestos is present.

“Although we are safe to be in school due to the asbestos being in an area we do not use and is sealed off from all adults and children, it is causing delay solving the problem with the leak.

“Before the leak can be found and repaired asbestos management arrangements have to be put in place before workers can enter the area to do the necessary repair.

“Yesterday, to compound this problem, radiators in Y3 developed leaks and these classrooms are now unusable due to sodden carpets and damaged floorboarding.

“Added to this the sudden drop in temperature has brought the situation to a serious level and today the classrooms in Y3-6 were only at 7°C, too cold for pupils and staff.”

Options to overcome the issue – such as use of an oil fired generator – are currently being considered by the school, but they plan to re-open for all year groups by Monday.

Ms Pulley added: “Children being in school and learning is always our top priority.

“Luckily the weather seems to be turning a little warmer next week and we should be able to manage to repair the floors and radiators for Year 3.

“School should be open on Monday for all children and we will confirm this by text message on Monday morning by 7.30am.”