BROMSGROVE Sporting goalkeeper Reece Francis was subjected to racist abuse from Wisbech supporters during last Saturday's FA Vase contest.

Francis was reduced to tears at half time and a Wisbech spokesman was forced to make an announcement over the public address system warning spectators about their behaviour.

Sporting chairman Mike Burke confirmed the club had already complained to Wisbech, which has since apologised for the incident.

Mr Burke said: "Wisbech were unhappy and embarrassed over the situation and have said that if they can identify the fans involved, they will take action.

"But there were no cameras at the crowd, so I don't know what more we can do.

"It's such a shock when something like this happens because you don't think it still takes place in this day and age.

"You would have thought people had grown up now but there are still a minority of people with bigoted opinions which has no place in football.

"Wisbech made the announcement in the second half, which they must have thought needed to be made.

"Reece was clearly upset and I'm sure our manager Paul Smith didn't need to give a team talk at half time. We did all our talking on the pitch.

"It's all credit to Reece that he had to go back out in the second half and stand in front of those idiots again."

Sporting won the match 3-1.