A NEW fitness concept, offering grown-ups the opportunity to take part in playground-style games, has launched in Bromsgrove.

'Bromsgrove Rabble', run by the local Mercian Nordic Walking group, features childhood favourites like dodgeball, British bulldog, jailbreak and capture the flag.

Games instructor Ian Northcott said: "It’s really tough to keep doing exercise that you don’t enjoy, as every time you have to convince yourself to do it for the long-term fitness gains.

"Both Nordic walking and rabble offer a really fun and sociable way to get and keep fit.

"There is a lot of banter and encouragement from the instructors and fellow participants."

The sessions, which incorporate high intensity interval training into old school team games, are taking place at various locations across the district, including the Ryland Centre and Bromsgrove Cricket and Hockey Club.

Ian added: "It's much more than just getting fit or staying active. We try to have a coffee afterwards and organise many social events.

"I have kept my rabble sessions to over-35s as I want my Nordic Walking clients to feel welcome to attend and to offer fun fitness to the slightly older age group to avoid anyone feeling intimidated.

"The games are competitive but the bonus is fun."

Corinne White, one of the first Bromsgrove Rabble players, said she feels 'fitter than ever' since joining the team.

To sign up for a free session, book online at joinrabble.com.