EXASPERATED residents in Hagley are reminding drivers that the maximum speed on the A456 is still 30mph - despite a digital speed limit sign being broken for the last six months.

Residents and councillors behind a campaign for better speed enforcement on the road have called on Worcestershire County Council to fix the sign, which flashes when passing drivers exceed the limit - before it causes a serious collision.

Michael Woodward, who lives off the A456, said: "It's quite a notorious spot for speeding, ever since the road was reconfigured for the big CALA Homes development in 2013.

"After a lot of pressure by residents, the council installed this flashing sign about 18 months ago, but it's been out of action now for more than six months.

"In the meantime, motorists are overtaking each other, going well over 30mph.

"Ideally we need a fixed speed camera and traffic light camera to catch the red light jumpers, but even if they just bring the sign back into action, it's better than nothing."

Residents claim to have had several near misses with speeding vehicles, while a temporary mobile camera set up last year caught 63 speeding motorists in two months.

Hagley Parish Council chairman Cllr Steve Colella said: "We as the parish council have supported the speed flashing signs, getting them installed and with general maintenance.

"But it has failed mechanically and requires a technician, and the parish council simply hasn't got the resources to repair them.

"The ball is in Worcestershire County Council's court now, but residents' eagerness to get these repaired is only matched by the parish council's."

A spokesman for the county council said: "The sign measuring car speed on the A456 belongs to the parish council in Hagley, but we have told them we will fix it as soon as possible."