VOLUNTEERS are being sought in Redditch and Bromsgrove to help encourage their local communities to waste less.

Garden Organic, in partnership with Worcestershire County Council, is recruiting volunteers to learn about waste prevention as part of their ‘Let’s Waste Less’ campaign.

Volunteers will then pass their knowledge onto others at public events, schools, and community groups.

Volunteer coordinator Rob Whitehouse said: “With the knowledge of human impact on the environment being so clearly in everyone's mind currently, the messages of the Let's Waste Less campaign have never been so relevant.

“We are all very aware at the moment how far our plastic waste reaches around the globe, how long it stays in the ecosystem and how damaging it is to wildlife and humans.

“Yet the side of unnecessary waste we don't see so much is the millions of tonnes of rubbish rotting in landfill sites, releasing methane and toxic chemicals.

“It makes so much more sense to reduce our food waste by buying smartly, storing food better, using our leftovers and composting, as well as reusing, recycling and repairing all of the items that so often get thrown in the bin.”

Volunteers do not need to have had any prior experience and will receive training on recycling, food waste reduction and composting in particular.

All travel costs and expenses can be reimbursed. The volunteer only needs to commit to a minimum of 30 hours of volunteering over the year.

To find out more about the role contact Rob Whitehouse on rwhitehouse@gardenorganic.org.uk or 07971280985.