Experts have revealed five ways to beat the 14% price hike on broadband, set to affect UK customers next month.

Companies like BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk and Vodaphone are set to increase the price of their broadband services by more than 14% amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

This is why broadband experts have revealed some ways customers can fight back and beat the massive price rise.

With this said, here are five ways you can save money on your broadband, according to Broadband Savvy.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: (Canva) Experts reveal 5 ways to beat the broadband price hike next month(Canva) Experts reveal 5 ways to beat the broadband price hike next month (Image: Canva)

How to beat the massive broadband price hike this April 

Here is how you can lower the cost of your broadband amid the major price hike:

See if you're eligible for a social tariff

According to the co-founder of Broadband Savvy, Tyler Bevan, there are cheaper plans that many broadband customers do not know about.

BT, Virgin Media, KCOM, Sky and Vodafone all offer social tariff plans with those on Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payments (PIP), Disability Allowance or Jobseekers Allowance eligible.

Tyler explains: "With a BT social tariff for example, you'll pay £15 per month for a 36-megabit plan.

"The same plan would cost about £27 per month without the social tariff applied. And the great thing is, you can apply for a social tariff even if you're currently locked into a contract with your provider."

Ask your provider for help if you are struggling

For customers who are in contract, it may seem as if the only way to change the terms of your agreement is to cancel it.

However, Tyler says: "If you're locked into a broadband contract and are struggling to pay your bills, it's always worth calling up your provider and asking for help.

"Many broadband providers will help to move you to a cheaper tariff, if you can prove that you are struggling to pay the bills.

"Others have an emergency fund that's designed to help their most vulnerable customers who are in serious need. And finally, most broadband providers offer payment plans if you're behind on your bills, helping you to minimise the amount of late fees you have to pay."

Switch to a broadband provider that doesn't do mid-contract price hikes

While the majority of major broadband providers will increase your monthly costs in line with inflation, some providers do not.

Once your current plan has expired, it may be worth moving to a new provider.

Providers like Zen Internet, SSE and Hyperoptic do not increase prices mid-contract while Sky allows you to leave if this does happen.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: (PA) Some broadband providers do not raise prices mid-contract(PA) Some broadband providers do not raise prices mid-contract (Image: PA)

Ensure you're paying for the bandwidth you need

Tyler says: "While fast fibre broadband is great to have, it's also very expensive. We've found that many British families pay for much more bandwidth than they actually need, given how many people live at home, and how they use the internet."

"For example, if you're a two-person household on a 100 megabit broadband plan, you should be able to save at least £60 per year by switching to a 36 megabit package, without facing any buffering while watching videos, or dropouts when using Zoom."

You calculate how much bandwidth you need by visiting the Broadband Savvy website.

Consider switching to a 4G internet connection

Rather than using fibre broadband, it is possible to use 4G technology to get online with many mobile networks offering 4G routers bundled with a data SIM plan.

Tyler says: "Many people are ditching fibre broadband for 4G these days, because it's cheaper and more flexible, while still offering good download speeds."

"With a 4G router, you can get download speeds of around 30-40 megabits, including unlimited data, for a lower price than you would pay for a similar fibre broadband deal. And with 4G technology, you can get a flexible pay as you go data plan, meaning you don't need to lock into a long-term contract, like you do with most broadband providers."

"The downside to using 4G instead of fibre broadband is your latency will be higher. This means that you may experience more lag when playing online games like FIFA or Minecraft."

"Also, before buying a 4G router, you need to ensure you have good 4G signal at your address."

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