THE lease of the Victoria Ground has been offered to Bromsgrove Sporting Ltd following a meeting of Bromsgrove District Council’s cabinet last night (June 2).

Cabinet members agreed to offer the lease to Bromsgrove Sporting after an extensive review of two proposals submitted by the new club, and Bromsgrove Rovers Football Club.

Bromsgrove Sporting stated that as part of their bid, the Victoria Ground would be available to Rovers for their match days.

The applications were considered using a scoring matrix, to ensure all submissions would be reviewed and selected in as open and transparent manner as possible.

The matrix was weighted in such a way the council’s vision, values and objectives would be promoted and achieved as a key factor in the decision making process.

Bromsgrove District Council leader, Roger Hollingworth, said: “I thank both organisations for the time and effort taken in their submissions.

“When reviewing them it became apparent that one of the proposals would support the council’s visions, values and objectives to enhance sporting opportunities in the local area and improve the quality of life for residents.

“I am delighted as part of the Bromsgrove Sporting Ltd bid that the much loved Rovers club will have the opportunity to continue to play at the Victoria Ground and look forward to a successful 2010/11 season.

“We look forward to working in partnership with Bromsgrove Sporting Ltd as soon as possible.”

Mr Hollingworth added officers are now working with Bromsgrove Sporting Ltd to finalise the legal agreements including the length of the lease and when it runs from.

Earlier this week Bromsgrove Rovers chairman, Mike Ward, told the Advertiser/Messenger the lease was “crucial” to the club’s future.