A NEW strategy which outlines the overall direction and long-term vision for the county has been given the green light by Worcestershire Partnership.

Economy, environment and health and well-being will form the three main areas of focus for the county's new Sustainable Community Strategy for Worcestershire.

The vision is for a county with safe, cohesive, healthy and inclusive communities, a strong and diverse economy and a valued and cherished environment.

By producing the strategy in this way, all the partners are able to focus their activity in the short term to achieving the long term visions and aspirations.

The new strategy got the final green light when it was formally approved at the Worcestershire Partnership Board during its last meeting in September 2011.

Adrian Hardman, Worcestershire Partnership's chairman said: "This is the first time we have combined all of the districts’ and county sustainable community strategies into one single strategy.

"To achieve this vision we have focussed our efforts on those areas where we really need to make a difference and where we can only do this effectively through partnership working.”

For more information about the Worcestershire Partnership visit worcestershirepartnership.org.uk or contact the partnership's policy officer, Alan Smith on 01905 822 836 or email asmith3@worcestershire.gov.uk