Almost half of insurance policies don't protect holidaymakers from cancellations caused by industrial action, the consumer group Which? has found.

As reported by Sky News its analysis of 199 packages offered by 71 providers found that 40% did not offer cover for strike action.

This comes as travellers have been warned to expect difficulties with going abroad this summer due to plans for unions for strike.

Among those planning to strike include 700 members of staff from British Airways at Heathrow.

Additionally, easyJet workers in Spain have said they will strike sporadically throughout July, as unions in France, Italy, and Portugal continue to clash with airlines and airports.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: British Airways workers have plans to strike in the summer (PA)British Airways workers have plans to strike in the summer (PA)

As a result there is the possibility of many problems on the horizon for travellers, so many are looking into what their travel insurance covers with regards to industrial action.

However, just six in 10 of the policies Which? examined actually offered reimbursement for travellers who were forced to cancel a trip due to strikes, leaving many policyholders unprotected.

Jenny Ross, money editor at Which? said: "We advise travellers to always check policies carefully to ensure they offer the cover that will be most appropriate to their trip, and to ensure they have cover in place from the time of booking."

She added that travellers "should ensure they’ve taken out adequate insurance to cover any losses or unexpected costs they might face".

What action did Which? recommend to take?

Which? recommended to book holidays on credit card if possible, as your bank is legally bound to reimburse you for any purchase over £100 if services provided are not as advertised, and the company responsible won’t refund you.

They added: "Anyone who has their holiday cancelled by a package tour operator is entitled to a refund by law. Airlines are also obligated to refund passengers when they cancel flights - including when the cancellation is caused by their own staff going on strike".

"Likewise, package holidays from an ATOL protected firm will ensure that you'll be reimbursed should the company go out of business and repatriated if it happens while you're abroad."