Love Island's Casa Amor is the ultimate test of loyalty, and you can never be sure which couples will survive the separation.

Last night the boys, who stayed behind in the main villa, got to know the new girls and Andrew, Dami and Davide all shared a kiss with their latest love interests.

And it looks likely things will continue to heat up in tonight’s episode as Andrew voices his interest in Coco.

Which relationships will stay strong in the face of temptation though is up for speculation but some people’s opinions are perhaps more reliable than others, which is why Heart Bingo has teamed up with dating and relationship expert Dr Callisto Adams, to get her opinion on the couples who will survive Casa Amor.

Adams is an author and editor of HeTexted website and has been a dating and relationship coach for more than six years.

She said: “In last night’s episode we saw Dami kiss Summer which seemed to happen quite fast, to be honest. He seems to be the type to rush things early on, and he looks like he could recouple with one of the new girls, and I wouldn’t say Summer for sure. He seems to be a bit shaky with his choices!

“None of the boys seem to be stable with their decisions. Luca seems to have the potential to stay loyal, the rest of the heads seem to be fairly elastic and ready to turn.”

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Dami shared a kiss with Summer in last night's Love Island. Picture: ITVDami shared a kiss with Summer in last night's Love Island. Picture: ITV

Moving on to the Ekin-Su/Davide situation, Adams said: “Ekin-Su and Davide were reunited in a couple last week, whether getting back with an ex is a good idea or not, it depends a lot on why the relationship ended. However, in this case, their decision seems to be a good one!

“The beginning of their ‘second try’ seems to be promising. It seems like they’re giving what they got to fulfil each other’s needs, show affection to each other the right way, and stay as real and honest as possible.

“This is quite a new beginning for them. If Coco’s presence doesn’t affect Davide's mind, this seems definitely promising!”

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Andrew and Coco also shared a kiss in yesterday's Love Island. Picture: ITVAndrew and Coco also shared a kiss in yesterday's Love Island. Picture: ITV

Questioning Andrew’s motives, she adds: “Andrew’s change of heart could potentially be his way of protecting himself from the dangers of moving on too quickly, and the dangers of hopping on a rebound connection right away. Though he felt bad about how Tasha treated him, he seems to genuinely be into Coco.”

Returning to the Dami situation, Adams highlights some ‘red flag’ behaviour the girls might need to watch out for.

She said: “Dami seems a bit rushing with a slightly awkward flirty behaviour towards Summer. That can sometimes indicate a red flag, especially considering how he seems to ‘play it cool’ around her. That can often work as reverse psychology, which is no wonder why Summer leaned in to kiss him first.

“He also got into an argument with Luca, and he expressed how ‘innocent’ he feels about what he did. That could indicate a lack of responsibility and acknowledgement regarding his behaviour.”

Adams concludes: “We’re seeing Dami repeat his actions as he made his move on Indiyah while he was tangling up with Amber, and now he’s doing the same thing to Indiyah with Summer.”