WRITING your first book might seem a daunting task to many people, but not for one former Halesowen poet who’s seen his debut release published.

Johnny ‘Mogs’ Morris, who know lives in Stourbridge, is hoping to get children laughing with his newly-released book ‘Poems Your Parents Won’t Like’.

The 60-year-old, who wrote his first poem when he was 17, said: “It was never my intention to write a book. I just write silly poems and do performances at open mic nights.

“It was a couple of friends who said that they are the sort of poems that children would like to read.

“I’ve called the book Poems Your Parents Won’t Like because they are a little bit rude and silly.

“But as it’s a poetry book, I haven’t had to write it in the same way as a novel. It was something that I could put all my ideas down on to, so it hasn’t been that hard to write.

“I just come up with an idea and start typing away and most of the time it ends up writing itself.”

The retiree, who is a member of the Robin Woods Writers and Coachhouse Writers in Stourbridge as well as The Worcester Writers Circle, said the feedback he has received so far has been “great”.

Johnny added: “I have sold a number of copies at my writing groups – which are always happy to welcome new members.

“I have also written a short novel for children and there is some interest in having that published too, but I would love to do some more poetry books – but only silly stuff!”

For more information about Johnny, or to buy his book, visit johnnymogs.co.uk.

Recordings of Johnny’s poems are available on SoundCloud, while a video of the poet dressed as a dung beetle reciting his poem ‘Dung Beetle’ is available to watch on YouTube.