RESIDENTS in Alcester and the surrounding areas are being urged to look after vulnerable people this weekend, ahead of severe weather warnings.

There is a high probability of severe cold weather/icy conditions/snow showers between now and Tuesday, December 12.

As temperatures drop, Local NHS and council leaders are urging people to think about how cold weather and winter viruses may affect you, your family and neighbours.

Councillor Les Caborn, Warwickshire County Council’s portfolio holder for health and social care, said: “Whilst cold weather and the prospect of snow has magical connotations for many, the reality for the more vulnerable member of our communities is quite different.

"This time of year can be particularly risky for health and with Christmas approaching it may be harder to make ends meet - we believe people’s health and wellbeing should not suffer as a result.

"By taking some practical steps, seeking help and reaching out to others we can all play a small part in helping each other to take care.”

People are also reminded to take that extra bit of care when leaving the house in frosty conditions, and help to prevent yourself and your family from nasty falls and sprains.

For protection against flu, those eligible, including carers amongst other vulnerable groups, are being reminded to have a free flu vaccination.

Warwickshire fire and rescue service also offer free safe and well visits to help you stay safe and reduce the risk of fire in your home

For information about flu vaccinations, visit

For more advice about staying well this winter, see