STOURBRIDGE is to return to the Heart of England in Bloom campaign this year.

The town won eight consecutive gold awards in the prestigious initiative but after local authority cuts took their toll on efforts to spruce up Stourbridge - organiser David Harcourt cancelled any further bids for glory back in 2016.

But the Stourbridge in Bloom campaign is back this year - with judges set to visit the town on Tuesday July 16.

Mr Harcourt said: "We have entered The Heart of England competition for 2019.

"A lot of activity is going on around the ring road with new self-watering planters replacing the worn out wooden ones and existing areas getting a big clean up and new plants and flowers.

"There are new groups coming on board to help bring back the floral charm to the town and really demonstrating a 'pride in our town'.

"Existing groups that supported a few years ago are also excited about being involved again."

He said Brenda Stevenson and a team from The University of third Age (U3A) have taken responsibility for Foster Street in the town and he added: "The team has already dug out and cleaned up six planters and the transformation has been fantastic.

"Developing a solid base of voluntary working groups is now key to long a term sustainable Bloom campaign."

Anyone wishing to get involved with the Bloom campaign and tidying efforts can email David Harcourt -