A GUN was discovered after police chased a car through Dudley, which smashed a mobility scooter into a shop window.

A Peugeot was pursued through the streets of Dudley town centre just after midday on Saturday August 17, when the car hit an unattended mobility scooter that was parked on the pavement on Wolverhampton Street.

The force of the crash smashed the scooter into the window of the David's Cave shop, while the driver of the scooter was inside the store.

Cops later traced the Peugeout to St James Road, where they recovered a firearm.

David Dils, who owns David's Caves, said he was left shaken by Saturday's events.

He said: "I'm amazed no one was hurt. I saw the chase start on Trindle Road and when I saw the speed the cars zoomed past I thought, I hope that's not going through town, that will kill someone.

"Then I get a phone call five minutes later to say there has been an accident outside the shop. I was amazed when I got there that there wasn't blood everywhere."

He confirmed that the scooter belonged to one of the volunteers at the shop who was inside at the time.

He believes the scooter, which is its owner main mode of transport, has suffered £2,000 worth of damage, along with the £1,500 worth of damage to the shop window.

Mohammed Sagir, who owns Direct Link Communications next door to where the crash took place, said: "It was worrying, luckily no one was killed."

"I was called out and talked to the businesses and tried to calm them."

Photos from the scene show glass strewn across the pavement next to the unmanned scooter.

A spokesman from West Midlands Police said: "A Peugeot being pursued by officers struck an unattended mobility scooter in Wolverhampton Street, Dudley, around 12.20pm on Saturday 17 August.

"The scooter was knocked into the window of a shop. No-one was injured.

"The vehicle was traced to St James Road, Dudley, and a firearm recovered. Enquiries are ongoing."