A SEDGLEY family say they are desperate to be moved out of their bungalow as their lives are being made a ‘misery’ by silverfish in their home.

Michael and Jan Doherty are pleading with Dudley Council to be moved out of their bungalow on Dormston Drive and into other accommodation, as they say the problem is putting their health and mental wellbeing at risk.

Michael lives with a chronic pancreatitis and is due to have major surgery next month. The operation he requires is so rare he will be operated on in a Leicester hospital where one of only two surgeons in the country can carry it out.

The 54-year-old says the stress of the infestation is making his condition worse and he worries about returning from the hospital to recover from surgery in an infested home.

Michael and his wife Jan were moved from their flat on the Ridgeway, where they have lived for 13 years, by the council to the bungalow in August due to Michael’s health needs as he could no longer use the stairs.

The pair were initially happy with the bungalow, until they discovered they were inundated with hundreds of silverfish in every room of the house.

The creatures have been found darting behind the oven, in the wardrobe, the bed, the bathroom and have even got into the pockets of their clothes.

They say finding the silverfish is taking over their lives as they search the house for the creatures everyday and disinfect the shower and kitchenware before every use.

Neither of them want to sleep in their bed because of infestation fears.

The couple tried to solve the problem themselves with insecticides and reported the problem to the council.

A fumigation was organised two weeks ago, but the pair were devastated to find the silverfish were still in the house.

They say they have spent £2,500 on furniture which they will have to replace due to the infestation.

Michael said: "It's shocking, it's making us both bad.

"Jan has lost three stone because of the stress. I've been told by the surgeon at the QE that I can't come back to this house after the operation as its not a sterile environment."

The couple are now appealing to Dudley Council to rehouse them before the operation takes place.

Jan said: "The council has offered us the option of having our contents removed and put in a container and the property to have all skirting boards removed, re-fumigated and a new skirting board refitted, however if the infestation has got in the carpets and soft furnishings, once we have moved back the problem will come back."

The couple are continuing to appeal and are trying to battle silverfish with poison treatments.

Councillor Laura Taylor, cabinet member for housing at Dudley Council, said: "We are aware of this issue and have attended the property on several occasions, undertaking repair work to potential points of entry and a full fumigation. We have been in regular contact with the tenant and have offered to undertake any additional work should it still be required, we are just awaiting an access date from the tenant if they wish to proceed."