A MUCH-loved Stourbridge ring road-side snack caravan is set to reopen after being destroyed by a fire earlier this year.

The Caravan Snack Bar, based just off St John's ring road, was hit by a fire in February, leaving it a wrecked shell.

News of the fire provoked an outpouring of sadness on social media, where visitors shared their memories of the ring-road snack staple, where it was described as "part of the fabric of Stourbridge."

Eight months on, thanks to the hard work of a Stourbridge couple, the refurbished caravan is set to enjoy a new lease of life and is expected to open on Thursday, November 14.

James Mcgill and his partner Rebecca Taylor have ploughed cash into the project and worked alongside their full time jobs to rebuild the caravan.

Rebecca fell in love with the caravan while working there and were both heartbroken when they found out it had been destroyed by a fire.

After being given the chance to take on the long-running roadside staple, the parir set to work to return it to its former glory.

James has been working every evening for the past two months to bring the shell of the 1956 Eccles caravan back into use.

Work has included rebuilding the timber frame, installing fire insulation, adding an aluminium front, working surfaces and internal walls.

He said: "I've been working on this for two months, I'm knackered. I've been working 7am to 3pm in the day, and then straight at the van until 8pm."

James says that the labour of love has been worth it after seeing how loved the van is the people of Stourbridge.

He said: "I've had that much interest from Stourbridge people walking past, with people asking if they can look inside."

James says people have been sharing their memories of the van and its various owners over the years, and he is keen to learn more to pay homage to the van's history in Stourbridge.

He added: "It's the history pushes us."

The Caravan Snack Bar is set to open on Thursday, November 14 at 8am where it will sell breakfast favourites.