RESIDENTS are being invited to not just any party - but an S Club Party.

The legendary S Club, with S Club 7 former members, will be performing their greatest hits live at Redditch's newest club Popworld Zinc.

The group will be performing tomorrow Thursday, December 5.

Excited fans can expect to hear tracks such as Two in a Million, Bring It All Back, Bring the House Down, and the festive Never Had A Dream Come True.

For more information, go to or search for the club on Facebook

S Club (also known as S Club Party and SC3) are an English spin-off pop group based in London with S Club 7 former members.

Originally, the group was founded by Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara and Paul Cattermole.

In February 2014 Tina Barrett joined them, but in May 2015, Cattermole left the group after the S Club 7 reunion.