A MAN accused of murder says he’s sorry after killing a Kidderminster man during an evening of drinking.

Nathan Calder, aged 28, of Eddy Road, claims he stabbed 48-year-old Paul Lundy in self-defence after being “sexually propositioned and manhandled” in the victim’s flat in Maureen Aston Court, Broad Street, on May 22 this year.

Alisdair Williamson, for Calder, asked the defendant questions about the evening when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court today (Wednesday, December 4).

The court heard that Calder and Mr Lundy were drinking outside in the car park of Maureen Aston Court “for a while.”

Calder said he wasn’t feeling well on the evening and he was “mixing his drinks”.

He said: “I was shivering on the chair and Paul went up to his property and got me a jacket.”

The defendant said Mr Lundy invited him up to his flat in the block.

He said: “Paul seemed low key and was upset.”

When they entered the flat, the defendant said: “I hung up the jacket, I went in the living room. Paul went into the kitchen. I went and sat down on the sofa.”

The court heard Mr Lundy then sat next to Calder on the sofa.

The defendant said: “I thought he was a bit close for comfort.”

He then told the court he asked Mr Lundy if he could play some music on YouTube.

But claims Mr Lundy “randomly” asked if he would perform a sex act on him.

 “I just thought he was messing about and he said it again,” he said.

The defendant told the court he was sat on the settee when Mr Lundy asked him to perform another sexual act and stood in front of him touching himself.

 “I was just shocked. I told him to sit down and behave,” he said.

Calder said he tried to get away before Mr Lundy grabbed him by the t shirt and pinned him down on the sofa.

 “I thought he was going to be rape me or something. I was really scared,” said Calder.

“I tried to move to get out, but he had a hold of me. He is bearing down hard on my collar bones and I couldn’t breathe.

“I thought he was going to kill me. I was panicking.”

He told the court he managed to grab the knife on the floor and “lashed out”. He said he remembers stabbing Mr Lundy to get him off.

The court heard the defendant returned to Mr Lundy’s flat the next day for “a matter of seconds” and saw him on the floor.

Mr Williamson asked the defendant “Why didn’t you do something?”

Calder replied: “I just panicked; I knew I would be in serious trouble.”

Mr Williamson asked Calder why he didn’t answer police questions following his arrest.

He responded: “I was advised not to answer questions by my solicitor.”

A prepared statement written by Calder and his solicitor was later given to police.

 “It was boiling up inside me. I just had to say something," Calder told the court.

Mr Williamson said: “How do you feel now?”

Calder said: “I feel awful. It’s on my mind. I’m just really sorry what’s happened and it’s something I’m going to have to put up with for the rest of my life.”

The trial continues.