HUNDERDS of readers have been having their say as travellers return to Sainsbury's island in Redditch.

The Advertiser did a story saying that the travellers have returned to Redditch, with many associating it with the start of Christmas.

Several colourful wagons have pitched up on the Sainsbury's roundabout, as well as on the car park for Forge Mill.

Some appear to be embracing the 21 Century and have solar panels on their wagons.

There are also a large number of horses on the busy island and in the car park.

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

Hundreds of people have said they cause no trouble, are a lovely hardworking friendly tidy bunch of people, and a Christmas tradition.

Fiona Edwards said: "It's not xmas until the travellers arrive there part of the Redditch xmas tradition. The kids love it and they are lovely people doing no harm to anyone."

Mandy Kirby said: "It's nice to see them back you know its Christmas when they return they keep the place clean and always remove there rubbish."

Glenifer Brookes said: "These Travellers are nice to have here at Christmas I look forward to seeing them every year, when I see them on the island its defo christmas time, they look after their horses they tidy up after them it a joy to see them let it be."

Amanda Williams said: "I thought it was just me that got ridiculously excited when they arrive! So lovely that so many other people feel the same."

Tammy Dawson said: "They have been coming for years, they do no harm to anyone, you know it’s Christmas when you see these, I love to see them."

Donna Brookes said: "Definitely part of Redditch charm, they've been there near Christmas ever since I can remember."