MADAM - I love this year's outside Christmas tree. I totally disagree wholeheartedly with those who don't.

Traditional Christmas it still is and we have to move with the times and uphold health & safety.

It is fun to take pictures inside the tree as it is inside the present outside Debenhams. I'm not sure where the grotto is going to fit though.

An artificial tree is far cheaper to buy than a real tree and it doesn't drop needles or make a mess. A full base is more suited to outside than a trunked tree especially as storms hit.

I think the plain tree is beautiful and celebrates how beautiful a normal plain tree can be.

Inside you have the decorated tree by The Range, which I have to say is rather lost round there, but. . . I prefer the inside main tree to be seen in all its glory so by Game, Pandora and Costa not hidden.

The lights this year are about beauty not quantity and plus in this years economic climate saving money is key.

You need a good show though, which this year they have.

The centre does lack that extra something but all in all I like this year's display.

Susan Twigg