A REDDITCH manufacturing company remains operational despite fears raised by employees during the coronavirus crisis.

Mettis Aerospace, which employs 400 workers in roles carried out at its Windsor Road site, design, manufacture and assemble products for the aerospace and defence industries.

One worker contacted the Advertiser to raise concerns about the plant remaining open.

He suggested people felt “forced” to still go to work and raised concerns that staff were not being permitted to keep safe distances from each and had not been supplied with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The worker, who asked not to be named, also claims there is “no facility for cleaning equipment” and “no education” on coronavirus requirements, which he feels will “put lives at risk”.

People also took to Facebook to share concerns, with one user saying: “You are not only putting my husband at risk but all of his family at home too.”

However, Mettis Aerospace insisted employees are not being forced to work and have been given the opportunity to self-isolate if required.

They say correct PPE, as well as face masks, gloves and goggles, have been supplied to workers and additional sanitation packs which includes cloths, surface cleaners and anti-bacterial spray have been provided.

Where practically and reasonably possible, the company says they are following guidance to keep people two metres apart and have moved equipment to increase the space between workers.

Gordon Fraser, group executive chairman of Mettis Aerospace, said: “We are proud of our talented workforce and care about everyone who works for us.

“Because the aerospace and defence industries remain operational, we are still required to deliver our products. This means we are in a position to continue employing everyone who wishes to remain working with us. Where possible, we are asking people to carry out their roles remotely but, like all manufacturing companies there are many jobs that have to be carried out on site. The Government recognises this and has confirmed that manufacturing workers can continue travelling to work.

“We have put extensive measures in place to protect all our people during this time and are giving all employees the opportunity to self isolate if they need to.

"We are grateful to all of our people who are helping to keep Mettis running during these unprecedented times.”