A MYSTERY dinosaur has been spotted jogging around the streets of Redditch.

The unknown person, dressed head to toe as a T-Rex, has been spotted this week taking a jog around the streets.

Photos on social media show a person dressed in a full body dinosaur costume appearing to be taking their daily exercise.

Several reports have emerged around the country of people dressing up in costume for their daily exercise to cheer their neighbours up during the coronavirus lockdown and it would appear the idea has caught on in Redditch.

Residents are loving the idea as it brightens up the days in lockdown.

Writing on the Spotted: Redditch Facebook page people shared their appreciation for the mystery dinosaur who is raising spirits in the town.

Wendy Juggins said: "I couldn’t believe my eyes when you ran past our house earlier this evening. You certainly made my day when I got home from work. Keep it up!"

Christine O'Sullivan added: "Absolutely brilliant thank you who ever you are."

Diane Alborghetti wrote: "Fantastic fun in these sad days. Well done, made my day."

The trend is taking hold across the country with people dressing as dinosaurs and superheroes when food shopping or exercising to raise a smile.

A woman in Kidderminster has also taken to running in a dinosaur costume to make her neighbours laugh.