POLICE in Redditch stopped 100 vehicles in one hour on Friday to ensure people respected social distancing measures.

B Team officers in Redditch carried out the checks as the roads appeared busier ahead of the warmer weather at the weekend.

Sgt Karl Pierpoint from West Mercia Police shared on Twitter some of the reasons people gave for their journeys when questioned in Redditch.

Taking a drive after returning home from a holiday in Thailand; dropping off a present and picking up a HDMI cable were cited as reasons for 'essential' trips, according to the sergeant.

He said officers carried out the checks to educate, explain and encourage people to follow social distancing rules.

This comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned the country at the weekend that further restrictions may be introduced if people do not follow social distancing rules.

Members of the public were spotted gathering in groups at parks and beaches around the country over the weekend, flouting the restrictions that the government introduced last month to curb the spread of Covid-19.