TWO Great Dane statues which have been a feature of a Bewdley kennels for more than 20 years were stolen in an overnight break-in.

The life-size stone figures, which cost £700 to £800 each, were snatched from Heathfield Boarding Kennels in Pound Green between Wednesday night (July 1) and Thursday morning.

David Bell, who runs the business with his wife Gillian, said the thefts were a "sad reflection of society today" and is appealing for anyone with information to come forwards.

He told The Shuttle: "Everybody knows us because of those statues, they're iconic. They have been a feature of the kennels for over 20 years.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: The two stone statues were stolen overnight on Wednesday, July 1The two stone statues were stolen overnight on Wednesday, July 1

"The statues were always within our entrance gate. Everyone would speak to them or pat them on the head when they walked past.

"The boarding kennels have been closed for four months because of coronavirus but we reopened on Friday.

"When we came in on Thursday, we went to open the gates and noticed the gate was slightly ajar. The bolts had been cut off.

"They weren't cheap - they're worth about £700 or £800 each, but they are of sentimental value. They're huge and very heavy so this wasn't a one-man job.

"It's a sad reflection of society today when we can't have anything to enhance our property without the risk of it being stolen.

"We would like to try and replace them but I do wonder if we should because it might just get stolen again. It's not nice."

The thefts have been reported to police and the Heathfield Boarding Kennels team is asking anyone with information to contact them via social media.