Shipston’s Mayor Ian Cooper attended the town’s literary society meeting to hear journalist and broadcaster Georgina Ferry talk about one of the most important women in computing.

Ada Lovelace was the daughter of Lord Byron, but bypassed poetry to follow her mother’s love of mathematics.

She was extremely passionate and forced a name for herself in a male-dominated environment, working alongside the likes of Charles Babbage, the ‘father’ of computing.

Nowadays she is remembered as the scientist whose mathematical theories carved the path to programmable computers and coding, but in many ways her life was a tortured one, said Georgina.

"It was a fascinating talk and very illuminating to learn not only how pivotal the troubled Countess of Lovelace was in developing the systems we all take so much for granted, but to set this in the context of her personal life," said the mayor.

Shipston Literary Society’s chairman Elizabeth Searle said: "Our programme of talks is always varied and always prompts a lively discussion. We are a friendly group and welcome visitors who might want to see just how unpretentious we are!"

Details of the society and its programme can be obtained from the secretary, Helen Marshall, on 01789 740773.