RADIO 4's Brain of Britain might be airing one of its episodes on April fool’s day, but Ruth Wright has shown that she is certainly no fool after her general knowledge landed her on the popular quiz show.

Mrs Wright who lives near Moreton in Marsh was one of 48 people in the country selected to take part in the current season.

Mrs Wright, 62 said: “It was such a lovely evening. Russell Davies put us at ease, and my fellow contestants – all men - were delightful. Although we were’ rivals’, it didn’t seem like it. The Radio Theatre is an intimate Art Deco theatre that’s part of Old Broadcasting House. It was packed. As well as my husband, one of our boys was there. The other son was in Iceland – the country, not the shop!

I wasn’t particularly nervous because it was on the radio, so no one could take photos and circulate them to the world and his wife. But when I picked up my water I noticed the glass was shaking a bit. Maybe that was because of the nearby underground!”

“It was one of the most exciting days of my life” Mrs Wright said.

Mrs Wright and her husband Charles went by train. The BBC paid expenses and provided a hotel nearby.

Mrs Wright is a part time gardener, shop assistant and home help. She is also heavily involved in the community’s political campaigns. She gained a degree as a mature student when she was in her late 30’s.

“Brain of Britain has been a light relief” Mrs Wright said.

“A friend suggested ages ago that with my general knowledge I should think about it. I contacted the BBC. They sent a questionnaire last autumn which they used to help shortlist people. I put across a persuasive argument for wanting to take part. I don’t go to quizzes regularly like some people do but I watch some TV quizzes and listen to Brain of Britain, and I’m quite good as long as the questions are right for me. I don’t do sport, watch soaps or follow celebrities. One of my sons was on a TV quiz years ago so maybe I was trying to get even."

Mrs Wright was asked general knowledge questions over the phone, and just before Christmas was "thrilled" to hear she had been selected.

To find out how she did, listen to her episode which will be broadcast on Monday April 1. Mrs Wright revealed: “Overall, I didn’t disgrace myself.”