A PARISH Council is making enquiries about more space for local burials amidst a resident's concern about over crowding in a cemetery.

Wendy Dare who lives in Blockley buried her husband in Blockley burial ground in 2016.

Mrs Dare said: “When we looked at the sight (in 2016) it was clear, there were no other graves very close by. But if you go there now, my husband’s grave is very difficult to reach without treading on someone else’s grave and it is very disheartening.”

Mrs Dare suggested LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology should be used to inspect the burial ground "to establish whether there is any room left and if we are going to have to find somewhere else."

Mrs Dare said: “Trees need to be cut down on the left hand side of the burial ground. The place needs to be tidied up, and the lawn needs to be mown.”

The cemetery was discussed at the latest Blockley Parish Council Meeting.

The Parish Council released the following statement: "Mrs Dare presented this list of concerns to the Parish Council at its meeting on 21 March.

Councillors are well aware that the cemetery is of importance to the whole community. At over £16,000 it is the largest single item in the Council’s budget.

Maintenance: there were problems at the end of last year with the grass cutting contractor. These have now been resolved. A new path has been laid in the Upper Cemetery and the wall demolished by people climbing over is being rebuilt.

Trees : all the trees are regularly inspected by professional arborists. The latest survey has been commissioned and will take place early in the next financial year. The removal of the Corsican pines in the Lower Cemetery, a highly specialised job, will be completed within the next few months.

Plots: the problem is related to full burials only. The Parish Council is in touch with the funeral directors and some extra space has been identified. Approaches have been made to local landowners for a new burial ground, so far without success."